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Adding Digital Content Links to the Lessons Tiles


Table of Contents


Locating and Adding Links

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In the Digital Content section of BCPS One, there is a wide selection of databases to which BCPS subscribes.  As a teacher, you can locate a specific resource you want to use for instruction and place it on a lessons tile in the learning management system for students to directly access.  However, you need to ensure that you use the proper URL so that students are directed to the correct content and are not prompted to log in again.  


1. Log in to BCPS One and select Digital Content.
2. Select the database where you would like to select a resource from to share with your students.    
3. Search for/locate the resource you would like to share with students.     

4. Locate and copy the direct link for the resource.  This will ensure students are directed to the correct resource, and usually will not be prompted to log in again.  This example provides instructions for direct linking to videos Discovery Education.  Guidelines for direct linking to Board Builder in Discovery and from other databases are located on this page of the ODL Resource Wiki. 

  • Select "..." below the title of the video or next to the video segment.  Select "Share" from the drop down menu. 
  • Copy the link from the pop up window.  This is the direct link.  


5. Return to the BCPS One home page and select Learning Management System (LMS).  
6.  Add the link to the Lessons Tiles in the class you would like to view the resource.  (See Add Activities to the Lessons Tiles). Have students access Lessons from the left hand navigation bar in the LMS to view and select the link.