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STAT Teacher Set up Classes in Sandbox Schools


Table of Contents


These instructions are for STAT teachers, Interns, and other users who would like to set up demo classes and students in the STAT Schools or Intern School.  Setting up classes will grant access to curriculum resources.  It also acts a "sandbox" allowing users to play and explore the LMS features. 


Create a Demo Class

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A video explanation of how to create classes is available from Engrade Support


1. Select "Create New Class." 

2. Complete the class information.  

  • Set the grade level and subject area as appropriate for your use.  
  • Select "Classic + Standards (Scaled) for the gradebook configuration.

Then, select Next. 



3.  Select either the BCPS K-2 or BCPS 3-12 grade scale.  

  • Select "yes" for Use assignment categories? if you would like to create categories. 
  • Select "yes" for Weight assignment categories? if you would like categories to be worth certain percentages. 

Then, select Next.  


*These settings may be changed at a later date.  See the Class Gradebook Settings page to learn more. 

4.  Once your class has been created, you will see a blank gradebook screen.  Students will still need to be added to the class. 




Add Students to Demo Class

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A video explanation of how to add students is available from Engrade Support.  Please be sure to review the details below for BCPS specific instructions. 


1. Select "Edit Roster."     

2. Add only 5 students to your roster.  Please use the following guidelines to select your 5 students: 


Your Last Name  Students to Add
A-B 1-5 (Abigail - Alden)
C-D 6-10 (Amber - Carson)
E-F  11-15 (Chip - Donte)
G-H 16-20 (Edward - Hannah)
I-J 21-25 (Harper - Jane)
K-L  26-30 (John - Justin)
M-N 31-35 (Kim - Mark)
O-P 36-40 (Matthew - Nancy)
41-45 (Nelson - Ryan) 
46-50 (Sandra - Tim)

51-54 (Tina - William)

  + 1 additional student of choice


Select "Save Roster."


3.  You will now see your new roster of students in the gradebook for your class.