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Text-to-Speech Tool



The Tests and Quizzes platform now has the functionality for users to enable a Text-to-Speech tool as an  accommodation for identified students. This can only be enabled upon the original creation of Tests and Quizzes.  The Text-to-Speech tool is an accommodation setting and will only be viewed by students who have the setting enabled for them. 


The school IEP chair will collaborate with the School Administrator, who will need to enable the tool, to identify students who should be able to access the Text to Speech tool. A report is available in SPS that is easily accessible. As IEPs are revised and new entrants enroll, it will be important to update the settings.



To enable Text-to-speech, select Tests & Quizzes on the left sidebar.

Create a new test by clicking the + New Test button.


Text-to-Speech is now one of the tool options that can be enabled for students.



When Test & Quizzes are viewed by a student, who has the Text-To-Speech enabled by the School Administrator, a speaker icon will be available. 





Click the speaker icon   to display the ReadSpeaker control panel. 


If the student needs to have the text read to them, they can click on the “Play” icon via the tool manager. To “Pause” the reading, they can click on that same button.






Highlight text to enable ReadSpeaker for an identified section. 




Text-to-Speech reading can be advanced based on user preference by clicking and sliding the progress bar. 





To adjust the volume, the student can click on the "Volume" icon   to drag the volume control up or down. 


Text-to-Speech settings can be adjusted based on user preference by clicking the gear. 


Audio files may also be downloaded by clicking the download icon.



For an explanation of what each setting does, the student can hover over the Question Mark icon. 




To restore default settings, the student can click on the "Restore default settings" button at the bottom of the pop-up window.