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Points Possible and Out Of


Table of Contents


Points Possible and Out Of (Weighting Assignments)

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Points Possible: This number represents the total number of points the assignment is worth in the gradebook. For example, if a teacher wants the assignment to be worth five points, the points possible will be five.   
Out of: This number represents the number of scorable points on the assignment. If this number is the same as points possible, it does not need to be reentered.   
Using Points Possible and Out of in conjunction with one another allows for teachers to weight assignments based on their desired impact on the overall grade. In the above example, this teacher wants an assignment that has 10 possible points to only be worth 5 points in the gradebook. Setting Points Possible to 5 and Out of to 10 means that the assignment will be scored out of 10 but will be weighted to be worth 5 points in the gradebook. Ava’s 8/10 is weighted to 4/5, Basya’s 6/10 to 3/5, and Jonah’s 10/10 is now a 5/5.


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