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Gradebook Codes


Table of Contents


Key to Gradebook Codes

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The Grading and Reporting Manual indicates that the following codes are to be used in the grade book at the assignment level.




Using the "IN" Code

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Question:  If a student doesn’t attempt an assignment or assessment, the teacher codes the assignment or assessment as “IN.” What happens if the student never attempts the assignment? 


Answer: “IN” - Incomplete/Insufficient Evidence code should be used with in BCPS One for assignments/assessments that were not attempted during the marking period. Students should be provided with an opportunity to make-up the work. It’s recommended that “IN” be updated when you update grades, at least once every two weeks, and replaced with the new score when the student makes up the work. Departmental or grade level teams can establish deadlines for when all additional learning opportunities are due.  


If the student does not attempt the “IN” assignment/assessment the teacher can leave the “IN” in the gradebook until the end of the marking period, at which time the teacher makes a judgment call as to whether or not there is enough of a body of evidence in the gradebook to assign a marking period grade. If not, the teacher can issue an “I” on the report card for the marking period.   Please see the “Implementation of Codes” section of Grading and Reporting Manual for additional information regarding assigning “I” codes for marking period grades.  http://www.bcps.org/academics/grading/Grading-and-Reporting-Procedures.pdf  


Alternatively, is use of the “M” code which calculates as a zero. The grading manual does not recommend use of the “M,” however, if a teacher is using the “M” code the teacher will need to update the grade book at least once every two weeks, to provide the most accurate picture of the current grade. An M code will calculate  into the final grade as a zero and distort the marking period grade; thus it is not recommended. 


IN Notification for Students and Parents


IN notification for Students (landing page)

Students and Parents now have the ability to see when a student earns an IN on the landing page and on the grade detail page. 








Adding Comments to Clarify Codes

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The codes described above are currently the only codes available for use in the BCPS One Gradebook.  However, you may choose to add a comment after the code to help clarify the reason the code has been entered for the student and parent. 



See the Gradebook Comments page to learn more about how to enter comments.