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Accessing Course Maps



Table of Contents



What are Course Maps?

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Course maps hold and organize instructional resources.  There are two types of course maps - district course maps and class course maps.   Here is how the two types of course maps compare: 


Type Developed by Description
District Course Maps  Curriculum offices District course maps serve are your digital curriculum guides in BCPS.  They are carefully designed by the curriculum offices and include the standards, assessments, essential questions and suggested instructional sequence and activities for your course.  Use these to plan for daily instruction and assign items to your students on the lesson tiles.  For questions about the content of these course maps, please contact your content area office
Class Course Maps  Teachers Class course maps are created by the teacher.  You can add and organize your own lesson plans, files, links, assessments, and other digital content that you use to customize and personalize instruction.  You can then assign content you've placed in your course map to students on the lesson tiles. 




View Course Maps 

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View Course Maps (Engrade Support) This resource provides instructions on accessing both your class and district course maps and previewing materials. 



Filtering Course Maps

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When you first access the course maps page, you will see only course maps relevant to your subject area and grade level.  You may use the filters to see course maps that are outside of your subject and grade level and can view any published curriculum within the district.  Use these resources to support you in both vertical planning and in making cross-curricular connections. 


1. Select "Course Maps" from the left hand side bar.  


Tip: Don't see the left hand side bar? click the   in the upper right hand corner to make it reappear.

2. Use the filters in the top right corner of the "Course Maps" page to select the subject area and grade level to display relevant course maps.


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