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Gradebook Comments


Table of Contents


Assignment Comments

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You may add a comment to any assignment in the gradebook to provide feedback or clarify the grade/code entered.  Both students and parents will see the comment displayed next to the grade or code.  


1. Select "Gradebook" from the left navigation bar.     
2. Create a new assignment or locate an existing assignment for which you want to enter a grade with a comment.    
3. Enter the grade in points or a code for the student.  Enter a space after the points or code and then begin typing your comment.   Press the enter key to complete the entry and move on to the next student in the list.   
4. Grades with comments will have a triangle in the upper right corner of the grade entry box.  Select the triangle view and/or edit the comment. 
5.  Students and parents will see comments displayed next to the grade in their Grade Details.  





Marking Period Comments

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Edit Comments (Engrade Support) The Comments section of your class allows you to add comments about each of your students per marking period. Please note that these are not private comments; students and parents can see all comments.
View Comments (Engrade Support)