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Planning and Assigning Content Using the Enhanced ELA Course Structure


Table of Contents


Video Overview

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Planning for Instruction

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1. Select the class for which you would like to plan.

2. Select “Course Maps” on the left navigation bar. 


3. Select the appropriate course map for planning purposes.


4. Select the unit of study.

5. Select the lesson folder you would like to open.

6. Select “Preview” next to any material you would like to view.  




Assigning Content

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1. Select the class to which you would like to assign content.


2. Select “Lessons” on the left navigation bar.

3. Select “Add Activities” next to the date on which you would like the content to populate.

4. Select the students who will be need the content and select “Choose Activities.”

5. To access curricular materials, select “My Courses.”

6. To assign materials from the appropriate course map, select that course map’s tile.

7. Use the drop down arrows to open the unit.

8. Use the drop down arrows to open the lesson.

9. Select the check boxes next to the corresponding curricular material(s) you would like to assign.


10. Review the settings at the bottom of the screen and, when ready, select “Select Items.”


11. The next screen provides the opportunity to review all materials selected and sequence them as desired. Select “Assign Items” to confirm.

12. Once “Assign Items” is selected, the materials you chose will populate on the appropriate tiles.




Adjusting Student Access to Content

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1. Hover the mouse cursor over the specific tile, selecting “__ of __ views.”

2. Select “Edit Students.”



3. Select/deselect the students you do/do not want to have access to that piece of content. Select “Edit Students” to submit the change.

4. The next screen will verify that the changes have been made. Use the ‘X’ in the top right of the “Lesson Info” window to confirm the change.

5. The tile for that piece of content will now reflect the new number of students with permission to see the tile.



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