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Curriculum - Creating Questions and Question Types

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Table of Contents


Create a Question

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Step by step instructions for creating new test questions can be found here (Engrade Support)


Question Types

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Below are descriptions and samples of the question types available in BCPS One.  To learn more about how to create each question type, select the title in the first column. 


Question Type Description Sample Question
Audio Recording Audio recording questions allow students to record an audio response to a question, up to 120 seconds in length.    
Bucketing Bucketing questions are similar to matching questions, in that the student can drag and drop their answers into the appropriate space or “bucket.” However, unlike matching questions, each answer can be cloned so that the student can select it an unlimited number of times.
Cloze Cloze questions allow you to ask students a question with multiple blanks and have them select the correct response for each blank from a dropdown menu.   
Essay  Essay questions allow you to ask your students an open-ended question. Students have a fully functioning text editor which allows for embedding digital content in their responses in addition to text.  Math equation editors are also available to students. Essay questions may be scored using a rubric  
File Upload  File Upload questions allow you to ask students to attach a file as their response.   
Fill-in-the-Blank Fill-In-The-Blankquestions allow you to ask your students a question and have them type in a plain text or numeric response in the blank(s).  
Graphing Graphing questions allow students to plot a point, line or circle onto a graph.  
Grid-In Grid-In questions are similar to Cloze questions.  For each double underscore that is input into the question field, a dropdown appears in the ‘answer choices’ section.  For each answer choice, you are able to select ‘Numeric’, ‘Decimal’ or ‘Alpha’ dropdown choices. When a student is answering a grid-in question, they will select an answer choice from the provided dropdown field(s).  
Image Label   Image Labels questions allow you to upload an image onto which you can have students label parts.   
Instructions Only Instructions Only questions allow you to provide students with instructions for a section of the assessment, if necessary.  This type does have a place for a student response.   
Matching  Matching questions allow you to ask students a question and provide them with items to match together.  
Multiple Choice Multiple Choice questions allow you to ask students a question and provide them with multiple possible answers, but only one answer is correct.  
Multiple Choice, Multiple Select Multiple Choice, Multi-Select questions allow you to ask students a question and provide them with multiple possible answers, where multiple answers can be correct.  
Ordering Ordering questions require students to place items in a specified order or list. Teachers can create labels, or upload images that students can drag into the desired order.   
Short Answer Short Answer questions allow you to ask your students a question and have them respond with a plain text or numeric short answer.  
True/False True/False questions allow you to ask students a question and have them respond with either True or False.


Question Type Options

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Option Type Feature Description Question Types
Answer Options  Use Images  Allows you to insert images as answer choices Multiple choice, Multiselect, Ordering, Bucketing
  Randomize  Randomizes answer choices for individual respondents.  Multiple choice, Multiselect
  Rationale Allows you to enter a rationale for each possible answer.  Students will be able to view the rationale for each answer after completing the assessment.   Multiple choice, Multiselect
Scoring Type  Perfect Response Points will be earned if only all correct answer choices are selected.   Multiselect, Matching, Fill-in-the-Blank, Cloze, Image Labels, Bucketing
  Additive (also Additive Buckets, Additive Position) Each correct answer choice is worth its own point value.  Students will receive the sum of the point values for correct responses selected. Matching, Fill-in-the-Blank, Cloze, Image Labels, Bucketing, Ordering
  Additive with Negation Each correct answer choice is worth its own point value, allowing for students to earn partial credit.  If an incorrect response is selected, it will negate the value of one correct response.   Multiselect
  Additive Consecutive  Allows students to earn points for each consecutive correct response. Ordering
Passages  Add Passage Allows you to insert a passage to be displayed alongside the question.  Passages may include text, images, and multimedia content.   All question types
Rubric Add Rubric Allows you to create and insert a rubric into a question.  The rubric is viewable by students and can be used for teacher scoring.  Essay




Linking Questions


Once two questions are created, these questions can be linked together.  Instructions for linking questions can be found on the Linked Questions page (Engrade Support).  An example showing how two linked graphing questions would appear together on the same page is seen below: