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The New Face of BCPS One

BCPS One has been updated to integrate a broader set of tools and resources provide students and staff with more access, collaboration, and productivity than ever before!   Below are a few resources to help you learn more about these new enhancements.


Logging In


When you first arrive at bcpsone.bcps.org, you will see an orange log in icon. When students and staff log in, they will still have direct access to the Learning Management System, but will also have access to several other tools and resources.  Learn more below about the new homepage.  Parents will continue to enter directly into the Learning Management System. Access  to FAQs and other information about BCPS One is also now available from this page.


Select the orange Log In icon to begin.  


As before, use your BCPS Account to log in.    



The BCPS One Home Page


Previously, logging into BCPS One brought all users directly into the Learning Management System (LMS).  Now, staff and students have access to several integrated tools and resources.  


As a staff member, you have direct access to seven areas from the BCPS One home page:

  • Professional Learning (coming soon)
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Employee Effectiveness (coming soon)
  • Learning Management System
  • Instructional Tools
  • Digital Content
  • BCPS Intranet


Students have access to three areas: 

  • Learning Management System
  • Instructional Tools
  • Digital Content 



Professional Learning (coming soon)



Employee Self-Service 

This provides access to the Employee Self-Service (ESS) platform, where staff are able to view and manage pay and benefits information.  ESS was previously only accessible from the BCPS Intranet page.  


Employee Effectiveness (coming soon)



Learning Management System

The Learning Management System (LMS) allows students, teachers, and parents to interact in the teaching and learning process.  Previously, logging into BCPS One brought all users directly into the LMS.  Teachers can manage grades, access curriculum course maps, and facilitate instruction by providing students with access digital resources and tools on the lesson tiles.  Discussions, turn-ins, and tests/quizzes features allow teachers to collect evidence of student learning. The messaging feature allows for communications between students, parents, and teachers.  Learn more below about the new look for the Learning Management System. 

Instructional Tools

This section provides access to several digital tools that can support instruction in the classroom:

Direct students to the Instructional Tools page for access. 


The ODL Resource Wiki is also linked from this page for staff, which provides a wide array of additional digital tools and resources on how to use them with students.  

Digital Content

This section provides access to a comprehensive list of the high-quality digital content subscribed to by BCPS.  Teachers may find specific resources and provide access for students by linking them from the lesson tiles in the Learning Mangagement System.  Students can also access this digital content page directly explore this digital content on their own conduct research.  


In BCPS One, click on the icon to open or select the orange question mark to learn more. 

BCPS Intranet

This provides you with a link to the existing BCPS Intranet page.  You may be prompted to log in again for security purposes.  



A New Look for the Learning Management System 


The Learning Management System has undergone a few updates of its own to support use across all types of devices and make the interface more user-friendly.  As soon as you enter the LMS, you will notice that the look and feel of the page are different.  Below is a quick video created by Engrade to introduce you to the new user interface and how to navigate it.  

New Responsive UI Tutorial from Engrade on Vimeo.

As a result of our new responsive design, some of your favorite applications may have moved. Not to worry! Use our new icons to quickly navigate around your account. Watch this video to see our new UI in action.

Need more support on using the LMS? Check out onemanual.bcps.org.