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Planning for Instruction with District Course Maps


Table of Contents



Planning for Instruction

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1. Select the class for which you would like to plan.

2. Select “Course Maps” on the left navigation bar. 


3. Select the appropriate district course map for planning purposes.  It may take a few moments to load the course map. 


4. First, select "Teacher Overview" for the unit you are planning.  See the Unit Overviews page to learn more about navigating the unit overview. 

5. After reviewing the unit overview, select the title of the unit to open the folder and view the lessons and instructional resources. 

6.  Each curricular office organizes its unit folders in the way that best fits the needs of the content area.   Many course maps are organized with the following structure: 

Unit Folder ->

Lesson Folder ->

Lesson Plan & Instructional Resources


If there are lesson folders in your course map, select the lesson folder you would like to open.





7.  Select the title of any resource material you would like to preview and it will open in a new window.  Use the icons next to the title to provide you with clues about the type of resource (lesson plan, web link, file, etc.) 





Assigning Content

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1. Select the class to which you would like to assign content.


2. Select “Lessons” on the left navigation bar.

3. Select “Add Activities” next to the date on which you would like the content to populate.

4. Select the students you would like to have access to the content.  You may choose by performance indicator, group or select individual students. Then, select “Choose Activities.”  You are able to edit which students have access later.  


5. To access district course maps (curricular materials), select “My Courses.”

6. Select the the course map from which you would like to assign materials to students.  You will be able to select from course maps appropriate for your subject area and grade level and any course maps that are designated as All Subjects

7. Use the drop down arrows to open the unit and lesson folders and view the contents. 

9. Select the check boxes next to the corresponding curricular material(s) you would like to assign.


10. Review the settings on the right side of the screen and change them if desired. Then, choose “Select Items.”

  • Sequence Items: Will sequence items in order across multiple days. 
  • Add to multiple classes: Allows you to assign same materials to additional sections of the class simultaneously. 
  • Visible to students: Makes materials visible to students when they view the Lessons tab from the left navigation bar.  

11. The next screen provides the opportunity to review all materials selected and sequence them as desired. Select “Assign Items” to confirm.

12. Once “Assign Items” is selected, the materials you chose will populate on the appropriate tiles.  If items were made visible to students, students will now be able to access the materials from Lessons. 




Adjust Student Access to Content

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After initially placing items on the lesson tiles, you may want to adjust which students can view which items to customize instruction.  


1. Hover the mouse cursor over the specific tile and select  “__ of __ views.”

2. Select “Edit Students.”



3. Select/deselect the students you do/do not want to have access to that piece of content. Select “Edit Students” to submit the change.



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