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Table of Contents


Creating and Editing Rubrics 

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Rubrics can be created in the Tests & Quizzes feature to score essay questions.  They may also be used to score teacher-created assignments.  Users may edit and reuse rubrics, as well as share them with other users. 


Engrade Support Resources: 

Create New Rubric 

Access Rubric Bank

Edit Rubrics 

Use Rubric to Score Assignments


Sharing Rubrics

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There are two types of sharing available for rubrics you have created:

  • Share with People allows you to share a rubric with specific individuals.  This is appropriate when choosing to share a rubric with a specific teacher or grade level team that my require access.  You may grant View, Edit, or Manage level access. 
  • Share with Groups allows you to share a rubric with all teachers or all administrators within your school.  This is appropriate if you have a common rubric that is used frequently and would like other teachers to have access to when creating their own assignments or formative assessments.   


Engrade Support Resources: 

Share Rubrics


Additional Resources

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Developing Rubrics for Evaluating Rich Performance Tasks (pptx)

This presentation provides more information on best practices for developing rubrics.